Ghori Health Centers in Hamburg Germany

Health Center

The Ghori Health Centers in Hamburg are split into two parts. Part one our main center is located in Hamburgs Eppendorf, where we have our various forms of acupuncture therapies, magnetic field , and also other forms of therapy. We also have a computer diagnostic system.

The computer diagnostics is the result of many years of research by the Russian Space Programme which is based upon the Traditional Chinese Medicine. The results of this research has now been passed onto the medical profession in Germany. We will explain more about this later.

Our other Health Center is in Hamburgs Eimsbüttel. Here we have our Physical Training Center where we help people to recover from stress and other forms of “Modern Civilisation Illnesses,” here we can help with: Fitness Training, Massage, Underwater Massage, Fango- Packs, Moor- Packs, Ice- Packs, Lymph-Drainage, Infrared and other forms of “Ray” therapies.

At our main center in Eppendorf, we can offer “Pain Relief” treatment for all forms of chronic and acute illnesses with-: Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture. Meridian energy level measured with computer diagnostics.

Ghori Health Center befindet sich zweimal in Hamburg. Institut für Chinesische Akupunktur in Eppendorf - Schmerztherapie-Zentrum in Eimsbüttel.